The psycho characteristics were in the family..!

Ambati fires on Chandrababu..!

The YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu fired on Chandrababu and expressed severe anger on the Ruling Party members who blamed in the assembly that ‘YSRCP is a Psycho Party’ and abused on personal front. He replied that actually the Psycho Characteristics were in Chandrababu. He criticized that those who speak contradictory to the truth are the Psycho’s and those attributes were in all the TDP leaders.

People knew who is actual Psycho..
The YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu questioned ‘Is Chandrababu not the psycho who keeps bragging that he built Hyderabad, that he brought Cell Phone to India and that he introduced IT to the world?’. He said that Chandrababu, Acchamnaidu, Bonda Uma and Chintamaneni Prabhakar, who were used to point fingers and blame everyone, were actual Psycho’s. He explained that ‘Chandrababu who went to Japan recently said that the population there is less and then said that in heavily populated India we should give birth to more children. Then he questioned that ‘Is it not enough proof that he is a Psycho?’. He stressed that symptoms of mental disability are in Chandrababu’s family not in Jagan’s family. Ambati warned that if ridiculous comments were made on the YSRCP,  the people and the party workers will not tolerate and cautioned to remember this.

Stating that he is honest is shameful..
Even after the Forensic Report confirmed that the voice in the audio tapes of the Cash for Vote case belongs to Chandrababu, it is shameful that he states in the Assembly that he is the most honest man. Ambati said that Chandrababu killed the democracy. He said that it is painful that the demand for a debate on Cash for Vote case was rejected in the Assembly. And, also said that it is unfortunate that not only they tried to divert the matter but also started abusing Y.S.Jagan on personal grounds. He suggested the Government to mend its behavior and start working correctly.
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