Present Government is taking the curses of poor people

Vijayawada: The
YSRCP senior leader Udaya Bhanu, alleged that the Chandrababu
Government is harming the poor by showing their authority and getting
the curses of the poor people. He spoke to media in Jaggaya peta of
Krishna District. The underprivileged people who were staying in yerra
kaalva gattu, of Jaggaya peta since years, met the Leader Udaya Bhanu in
his residence. They showed him the notice given by the Government
stating that the 257 families should leave their homes in that place. 
He felt bad about the action taken by the Government and shared his
thoughts stating that, it is not fair on the part of Government to show
the power on the poor people. He demanded that the notice has to be
taken back by the Government, if not they are going to protest against

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