Prasad Reddy’s Murder is Political : Gurunatha Reddy

Rapthadu (Anantapur): Gurunatha Reddy, EX-MLA of the party said that the murder of YSRCP Leader Prasad Reddy was definitely a political killing. He said that the TDP Leaders have taken control of the MRO Office. He criticized that the Government Buildings have become a place for hangouts for that party leaders. It is well known that the miscreants attacked Prasad Reddy in Rapthadu MRO Office with wild sickles and brutally killed him.

Upon information Gurunatha Reddy rushed to the spot. He broke into tears by seeing the dead body of Prasad Reddy. He blamed that in the past Prasad Reddy complained to the police that there is a threat on his life but, the police ignored his complaint. The YSR Congress Party has seriously condemned the murder of Prasad Reddy. The Party has demanded that an investigation must be ordered to look into the attacks and murders of YSRCP party men.
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