Political chameleon & opportunist

Hyderabad: The
YSRCP spoked person Ambati Rambabu demanded KCR and Chandrababu to
answer how they suddenly started being cordial when they fought like
rivals before. When the TDP MLA Revanth Reddy is saying that KCR is
performing ‘Chandi Yagam’ to cleanse his sins, Chandrababu is saying that
he will attend the ‘Yagam’. Chandrababu should at least answer Revanth
Reddy’s statement.

said that Chandrababu is a political chameleon. Chandrababu is ruining
the lives of TDP leaders by collaborating with KCR. He sent Revanth
Reddy and Veerayya to jail and compromised with KCR being afraid of jail
for him and his son. Ambati said that Chandrababu has nicely used TDP
leaders and disposed them off.

said that the two Chief Ministers should answer the public about their
private meeting. KCR boasted that he will send Chandrababu to jail but
what happened to that?, Ambati questioned.

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