Police stations turned into TDP offices

Anantapur: Police stations in Andhra Pradesh have become TDP offices, said YSR Congress Party general secretary Ananatha Venkatrami Reddy.
YSRCP leaders are targeted and false cases were foisted against them in Tadipatri. 

The police thrashed the YSRCP activists in an unruly manner and many activists were seriously injured. Anantha Venkatrami Reddy and former MLA Kethi Reddy Venkrami Reddy called on the injured activists in Tadipatri today. 

Speaking to the media after consoling the injured persons, the YSRCP leaders alleged that the police have become puppets in the hands of the TDP leaders. " It is unfair to foist false cases against the YSRCP leaders. The police have beaten up the YSRCP men in front of the TDP leaders in the station," the said.
He warned that the public will teach them a fitting lesson if they don't change their ways.
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