Police arrested YSRCP leaders at Anantapur

Anantapur: YSRCP called for a bandh which is going on successfully, against the Government, based on the motive of arresting the YSRCP members for no reason. YSRCP members showed their lackadaisical attitude towards the Police who were acting partially while fulfilling their duties. Overall, the police has arrested almost 500 members of the YSR Congress Party, among them are the YSRCP MLA, Vishweshwara Reddy and the District Minister, Sankara Narayana due to which the district has a intimidating  environment overall. 

Before that there has been a huge rally organized under the guidance of the YSRCP District unit president Sankara Narayana and YSRCP MLA Vishweshwara Reddy. YSRCP members stopped the movement of RTC Buses. Vishweshwara Reddy and Sankara Naryana alleged that the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is the person guiding the murders of the YSRCP members. They clearly stated that the Chief Minister is unable to manage the law and order in the State and also demanded that the government should withdraw the illegal cases imposed on the YSRCP members. 

It is known that police has arrested, few members of the YSRCP members, Gurnadh Reddy and Tovudarti Chandra Shekhar Reddy on creating disturbances alleging the issue of the  murder of the YSRCP member, Prasad Reddy of Raptadu Mandal, Anantapur. YSRCP members vented their anger on police as they have ignored the murder investigation of Prasada Reddy and are showing interest only in arresting the YSRCP members.
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