The Police Acting As Per Yellow Leaders' Will

Vijayawada: YSRCP's official spokesman Kolusu Parthasarathy criticised that the police were acting as per the instructions of the ruling party leaders in AP state. YSRCP leaders, on Wednesday, met the IG and submitted a memorandum on the recent attack of DSP Nageswara Rao towards YSRCP leader Janga Krishna Murthy. Later, former minister Parthasarathy spoke to the media and stated that when the MLAs of Gurazala and Macharla challenged each other about readiness to take action against the corrupt activities of the MLA of Gurazala of Palnadu area, the MLAs had been house arrested on the 29th without even conducting any inquiry.
On the same morning, former MLA of Gurazala and leader of backward castes, Janga Krishna Murthy, TG Krishna Reddy and ZPTC members <.Prakash Reddy, V.Ramireddy, Ambati Seshagiri Rao, Burri Vijay Kumar Reddy, sarpanch, YSRCP convener and ten more YSRCP leaders had been taken into custody by the police and moved to Dachepalli police station, Parthasarathy informed. he added that DSP Nageswara Rao verbally abused YSRCP leaders and also physically beat Janga Krishna Murthy. Slamming this atrocious act, he demanded immediate suspension of the DSP and the staff who cooperated with him. He appealed to the IG regarding the same. He specified that it was an unjust act to beat up Janga who had been an MLA since ten years and condemned the way the district's YSRCP leaders were being looked down on.
District party president Marri Rajasekhar spoke on the occasion and commented that the police had behaved so unjustly as they were bound to the instructions of the yellow leaders. YSRCP leaders demanded immediate action to be taken regarding this.

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