The Pioneer Of Development

Great leader who
benefited people of all classes

No going back on a
promise made

Permanent place in people’s hearts

Legendary leader and
former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy

YS Rajasekhar Reddy is
the heartbeat of Telugu people. He is the living form of trust, values and
credibility. He gave marvelous rule to Telugu people and made for himself a
permanent nest in the people’s hearts. Though he went physically far from us,
he lives on in every Telugu person’s heart.

In the 9-year rule of
Chandrababu, the united state of AP became a place for suicides. Under such
circumstances, YSR initiated Pada Yatra programme and created trust among
people. In spite of united efforts of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Sonia
Gandhi, the situation of Congress party in the state was very weak. YSR gave it
a life and consolidated the party. In 2004, the party won with huge majority in
the state and in the centre, due to his crucial efforts.

As soon as he took up
charge as the CM of the state, he continued to stay among the people through programmes
like Palle Baata, Nagara Baata, Rythu Baata and Projects Baata, thus
understanding their problems more closely and being able to answer them
instantly. The welfare schemes he introduced reached people of all classes. The
schemes he introduced at that time stood as inspiration to various states and
the centre itself, while being acclaimed by certain opposition parties too.
American President Obama also introduced schemes similar to Aarogyashree after
drawing inspiration from YSR.

YSR made a mark for
himself in the state and the national politics. They people cherished him for
offering them lives, education, assistance and general welfare. This is a
special story written on account of YSR’s death anniversary in the series ‘YSR

Aarogyashree – Boon to
the poor

It is not surprising to
say that there is hardly anybody in the country who has not heard the name ‘Rajiv
Aarogyashree’. It has also gained international popularity as a wonder drug in
the lives of the poor. Himself being a doctor, YSR used to inquire about the
health conditions of the poor. He was moved by the situation where the poor
could not even visit normal small hospitals, leave alone taking corporate
treatment, ultimately succumbing to their illnesses. The idea of Aarogyashree
was born from his intention to bring good quality treatment to people of all
classes. The scheme enabled the poor to get treated for a wide range of ailments.
Almost 1000 kinds of illness were mentioned in the scheme. Permissions were
given right within 12 hours of application and surgeries were performed for
free. Medicines required were also provided for free and the patients used to
be dropped at home safely after the treatment.

With such a kind scheme
in place, people started worshipping him. Even now, poor people are able to be
treated free of cost due to the Aarogyashree scheme introduced at that time. He
also used to personally write to the patients after their treatment, inquiring
about their health condition.

Emergency healthcare –
Gift from the legendary leader

Ambulance service ‘108’
is credited to be the best of the emergency services throughout the country.
They are reaching the location within 5-10 minutes of reporting and moving
victims to nearest hospitals. The 104 call centre that is available 24X7 for
even small ailments and the 104 service that holds certain daily medical
diagnostic tests were also introduced by YSR.

Food to the poor

Rice was sold at that
time for a price of Rs.15-20 per KG. The poor could not afford to have a full
meal. After he became the CM, YSR arranged for the sale of rice to the poor for
Rs.2 per KG. In spite of Government officials’ suggestions against the scheme
due to chance of budget deficit, he went ahead with its implementation so tha
the poor could have food at all times. He alleviated their hunger and was
blessed by the benefactors as ‘Annadaatha’.

Dream of own house comes

Former CM YSR brought to
reality the dream of many to own a house. Intending to build houses for all the
deserving poor people throughout the state, he introduced ‘Indiramma illu’, ‘Rajiv
Gruhakalpa’ and ‘Rajiv Swagruha’ schemes to aid backward classes as well as
middle class people. Irrespective of being warned otherwise, he went ahead to
create shelter to everybody.

Pension assured courage

During Chandrababu’s
tenure, people used to wait for a pensioner to die in their village so that
they could get pension. People used to wait for months just to get Rs.30
pension per month. To put an end to such a situation, he offered pension of
Rs.200-500 to the aged, the widows, the handloom workers and the handicapped.
Though the Government was in a deficit of budget, he implemented the pension
schemes to benefit the people. Almost 70 lakh people benefited from the schemes initiated by YSR. 

 ‘Indira Prabha’
– Lands to many

YSR distributed lands in
the name of ‘Indira Prabha’. In five years, 6.5 lakh acres of land. He
implemented the land distribution scheme for Girijans introduced by the centre
in a full extent in the state and gave away 13 lakh acres.

He not only realised the
promises he made, but also did many things to benefit people that he had not
promised, earning for himself the permanent place he now has in their hearts.


Translated from the
article written by

Subrahmanyam Reddy, Retired Professor, Dept. of History, SV University,


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