People Turning Against The Government's Conspiracies

  • People’s leader receives grand welcome from people in
  • Babu’s conspiracies to hinder Rythu Bharosa Yatra
  • People turn against TDP leaders

Ananthapuram: The fifth phase of Rythu Bharosa Yatra took place successfully in
Ananthapuram district, with the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS
Jagan consoling the families of the farmers who had committed suicide and
filling hope in them. Ananthapuram echoed with huge number of people gathering,
participating in the yatra and raising slogans in acclaim of YS Jagan.

Chandrababu, unable to digest the affection YS Jagan had been
fetching from the people, raising curtains to his style of conspiracies. YS Jagan had actually launched Rythu Bharosa
Yatra to console the families which were bereaved due to the negligence of TP
Government in the first place. He decided to assure them of his support and
fill hope in them. But an incompetent Chandrababu provoked the yellow leaders
to attempt to disturb the otherwise peaceful yatra. The yellow media started
publishing untrue stories about the people’s leader. But Babu’s plots failed
with people hitting them back. Thousands of people came forward and put a check
on Babu’s conspiracies. They cautioned the yellow leaders of the impending
consequences if their leader was hindered.

Sankar Narayana (Party president of Ananthapuram district)

YSRCP’s president of Ananthapuram District, Sankar Narayana
mentioned that YS Jagan’s Yatra had received huge response in the district. He
stated that the TDP leaders had tried in vain to hinder the yatra. He remarked
that the affection that the people’s leader had fetched from the people and his
followers had hit back all those attempts.

Topudurthi Prakash Reddy (Coordinator of Raptadu constituency)

Prakash Reddy slammed the Government for its incompetence in
keeping its promises. The Government had cancelled pensions. It ousted people
from their jobs. When YS Jagan had reflected the voice of the people who had
been deceived by the Government in all possible ways, the incompetent
Government had twisted his words, complained Topudurthi. He reminded how
farmers had believed in Babu’s promise about loan waiver and failed to renew
their loans, resulting in being immersed deeper in debts and ultimately some of
them committing suicide.

Topudurthi criticised Chandrababu for unjustly diverting the
waters of handri-Neeva to Kuppam. He mentioned that people were able to realise
the Government’s deception through YS Jagan and turn against it. He remarked
that the TDP leaders were too ashamed to go around in the villages anymore. He
made it clear that the affection and the confidence of the people towards YS
Jagan was increasing by the day.

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