Pedana Municipal Elections Won By YSRCP

Krishna: The position of Municipal Chairman of Pedana was won by YSRCP. The party's candidate bandaru Anand Prasad was elected as the chairman. Also YSRCP candidate Achyuta Raju won the position of Mandal Parishad chairman of pedana.
In previous elections of Pedana municipality, 11 counselors were elected from YSRCP while 11 more were elected from TDP. Local MLA Kagitha Venkat Rao is ex-officio member, in light of which it was anticipated that TDP would win the chairman seat. But with TDP councillor Sravanthi's vote being in favour of Anand Prasad don't chairman position was owned by YSRCP. The election for Municipal chairman seat of Pedana had to happen with the sudden demise of the previous chairman.

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