No substance in quid pro quo charges!

Points are now being pointed at CBI which has changed its tact and brought a new argument to the fore in the courts to keep YSR Congress President YS Jaganmohan Reddy in jail for some more days.

Observers are questioning the CBI move in giving importance to the alleged Hawala transactions rather than the much talked about quid-pro-quo transactions when the Supreme Court heard arguments two days ago on the bail petition of Jagan.  

Has the CBI changed tact as there is no substance in its quid-pro-quo allegation against Jagan? Is it trying to justify its case against Jagan by now concentrating on the Hawala part and making new charges?

The answer seems to be 'Yes' as CBI is worried that Jagan may be granted bail by the apex court of the country on Sept 14 when the bail petition comes up for a full fledged hearing. 

The change of attitude on CBI part gives credence to the argument taht CBI has been used as a pawn by the Congress party to take vengence on the YSR famiuly by implicating Jagan in false cases.

At least, CBI should introspect now as to why it has kept Jagan in jail for more than 100 days without proving even a single charge against him till now rather than coming out with fresh and cooked up charges to prolong his jailing.

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