Nobody can escape from YSR's influence

It isproved beyond all doubts
that no leader can escape from the all pervading influence of late Dr. YS
Rajasekhara reddi. The other day all the big wigs at  Delhi went on at a  public meeting claiming  that all that done and achieved by him was
nothing but the greatness of their party. It should be remembered that these
were the  leaders who criticised him  to gain ground in the foregone elections.

 Whoever says whatever,  i f someone 
ignores YSR's  personal charisma,
its proved time and again that they will be at loss. No leader can escape
from  imitating  him at some point or other mostly knowingly
and sometimes  unknowingly.

It should also be remembered that
the present congress government is making a futile effort to condemn the
schemes introdued by him  some times and
some times wants to show that it is continuing 
his legacy.

The new addition is Padayatra
intended by Chandrababu. Its no wonder if it becomes totla fiasco, because
people only remember YSR and condemn him for his imitation of the great leader.

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