No one can divide Telugu people: Jagan

Kodada (Nalgonda dist),
April 26, 2014 : Drawing a contrast between divisive politics and developmental
politics, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the state could be divided
geographically for the sake of votes and seats but Telugu people can never be divided by  any one and appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol to usher in YSR
welfare state.

Addressing a road show as
part of his electioneering in political nerve centre of Telangana here on
Saturday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said the same manifesto of welfare schemes would
also be implemented in this region as well and Telugu people will mutually
cooperate as boundaries could be drawn to the land but there could be no
dividing line for the Telugu people.

YSR has look beyond
political, regional and party affiliations and extended welfare schemes to all
sections of people. The ambitious SLBC project is the vision of YSR and the
works did not move an inch after his death. YSR is still remembered five years
after his death as his welfare measures have touched people. I have met an old
lady on the way who said that she had undergone heart operation under
Aarogyasri which gave her a new lease of life.

Politics have degenerated
alarmingly and the system has very different priorities other than serving the
people. The contemporary political system has decayed to an extent where people
will stoop to any level for the sake of votes and seats. They want to keep
political adversaries at bay by foisting false cases and putting them in jail
and are working single-mindedly to clinch to power by any means.

The Congress party instead
of seeking votes in the name of development is coming to the people in the name
of division.

I appeal you to use your
discretion in electing the leaders as the choice is between divisive and
opportunist politics versus politics of credibility and honesty and vote for
YSRCP fan symbol.  All the welfare programmes I have promised are in the
manifesto will be implemented by our Party immediately after assuming power.

The agenda is a reflection
of my interaction with the poorest of the poor during my Odarpu Yatra. I sat
with them for nearly 20 minutes and heard to their woes, their plight, their
needs and their expectations. I have included all of them in the manifesto
which will be implemented along with YSR welfare schemes.

Amma Vodi scheme will check
child labour as every mother will get Rs 1,000 directly into her bank account
monthly for educating her two children, pensions would be increased from Rs 200
to Rs 700, a Rs 3,000 crore Market Stabilisation Fund and Rs 2,000 crore
Calamity Fund would be set up for farmers to fight floods, drought and market
fluctuations. Though about 880 mandals have been declared as drought-prone, not
a single rupee was given so far and such indifference would be scrapped in the
responsive and responsible YSRCP government, he said.

DWACRA group loans would be
waived and administration would be brought to the doorsteps of the villages. In
five years time 50 lakh houses would be built and we will ensure that there
will be no one without a house by 2019.

All irrigation projects
will be completed and Aarogyasri will be strengthened, he said and asked the
people to choose between development and division and vote for YSRCP fan symbol
to bring a responsive government to power.


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