New Expansion for TDP

  • Chandrababu
    does not know how to design new schemes
  • He at least
    needs to know how to copy others’ schemes
  • The people
    responsible for NTR’s death are now plotting conspiracies against me
  • I feel proud
    to have been compared with NTR
  • Yellow media
    is writing untrue news
  • Roja slams TDP

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Roja commented that Telugu Desam Party (TDP) got changed into ‘Telugu
Dongala Party’ by Chandrababu Naidu. She commented that Chandrababu did not
know how to create new people-friendly schemes, nor did he know how to
implement copied schemes. She specified that Chandrababu Naidu had changed the
name of Aarogyasri scheme introduced by Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy to ‘NTR Vaidya
Seva’. Regardless of the name poor people had expected some welfare out of the
scheme, but Chandrababu had managed to default Rs.300 crore, exclaimed Roja.

She remarked that Chandrababu had the
history of betraying his own father-in-law who had not only given his daughter’s
hand but also politically good position. She made sensational statement that
the people who had been responsible for NTR’s death were now plotting
conspiracies to oppress her politically. Roja commented that Chandrababu in
fact did not even like the name of NTR, adding that it was why he was also
suppressing the career of Jr.NTR who shared the same name. She recollected how
Jr.NTR had been used at the time of elections and then ignored. She mentioned
that Chandrababu was insecure about Lokesh’s position with respect to Jr.NTR’s
popularity and added that it was why even his movies were being suppressed

commented that the schemes with NTR’s name were being neglected but those with
Chandrababu’s name would be given importance. She exemplified this by saying
Chandranna scheme received huge amounts of funds however its functioning might
be, while NTR Jalasiri and NTR Vaidya seva received nothing. She opined that
NTR had started this party with great principles and took the honour of Telugu
people to a great level, but now Chandrababu had degraded it. She criticized
that Chandrababu had worked for dubbing TDP as “Telugu Dongala Party” (Telugu thieves’

am proud for being compared to NTR

Roja mentioned the statements mentioned in
yellow media that she was arrogant just like NTR. He had boycotted the assembly
when he was asked to apologize. It was also mentioned that Roja would face the
consequences if she followed the same pattern. Roja explained that she had not
felt bad hearing these comments and that she felt rather proud to have been
compared with such a great man. She said that the yellow media might be saying
NTR was arrogant but people would not feel that way. She proclaimed that it was
NTR’s charisma that was still drawing votes to TDP, but not Babu.

declared that Chandrababu had been indifferent to the call money sex racket
victims in order to protect his party’s leaders. She stated that call money sex
racket was not a small issue and that it involved 3 crore women. She reminded
that all the members of YSRCP had insisted for comprehensive discussion on the
issue and only Roja had been suspended.

explained that “Call Chandrababu” and “Money Chandrababu” were two different
terms with absolutely no bad meaning and joining them together, they raised
slogans “Ca.Mo.Chandrababu” on that day. She mentioned that they questioned the
Government based on the stories telecasted in all the news channels from the 11th
of December to the 16th of December in 2015. Roja specified that she
would fight for women and had the right to question the atrocities faced by
women, as the president of women’s wing of the principal opposition party of
the state and as a woman MLA. She added that she had been fighting for the
cause of women in her 15-year long political life. Roja remarked that she had
been suspended for questioning the issues of call money sex racket,
Rishiteswari, MRO Vanajakshi and Anganwadi women.

criticized the Government for defying the court’s orders to allow her into the
assembly. She stated that people could understand the atrocious behaviour of
the Government inside the assembly upon seeing its behaviour outside the

party members were showing records only to their favouring channels, Roja
complained. Then only parts of them were being exposed, according to their
convenience. The fight of the opposition for the people was not being
telecasted, she reported. She also said that TDP was morphing the real
intentions of YSRCP, thus showcasing them in a wrong way. She informed that she
had filed an SLP challenging the verdict of the High Court’s division bench.

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