Mysoora Exit Due To Political Reasons

New Delhi,
April 27: Brushing aside the allegations of MV Mysoora Reddy while quitting the
Party, YSR Congress has said that his remarks in the resignation letter are
highly objectionable.

 'The timing
and tone of the letter of Mysoora Reddy is very much in the accent of TDP and
his remarks on our leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy are highly objectionable. Unlike
his remarks there is democracy in the party and his exit has a political agenda
as well,’ party leader Pedireddy Ramachanda Reddy told reporters here on

The letter
coming a day after we have released the book on Chandrababu Naidu highlighting
his corruption charges clearly shows the political motive behind it. The
outgoing leader stating that our leader has a split personality and he is
always after money is highly objectionable.

It was
Mysoora Reddy who shuttled from Congress to TDP to YSRCP and is all set to move
to some other platform.’ We think that he needs some favours from the Government
for the cement factory and is leaving our Party. We have no objection for his
exit but we cannot accept his allegations and reasons which are baseless,’ he

It was six
months since Dr Mysoora Reddy has come to Party office and the sequence of
events which led his entry into the Party is dramatic and far from truth.

Training his
guns on Chandrababu Naidu, he said, ‘the chief minister has been stating that
he is not corrupt should be proved by volunteering for an inquiry. During his
previous tenure as Chief Minister before building HiTech City his coterie had
purchased the surrounding lands at a throwaway price and the same is happening
in the capital city.’

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