My Life Is At Stake

  • TDP shows its true colours
  • Car set ablaze out of envy
  • Nidamanuru Sarpanch's car set on fire
  • Koteswara Rao reports in the PS
  • Parthasarathy slams TDP's atrocities
Vijayawada: Ruling TDP's atrocities are crossing boundaries by the day. Before we can forget how minister Paritala Sunitha misused power to offer TDP victory in MPP by-elections backdoor by slaughtering democracy and threatening to kill YSRCP MPTCs right in the Government office, TDP leaders performed another atrocious act in Krishna district. As an act of vengeance towards the Sarpanch of Nidamanuru, Koteswara Rao, who had joined YSRCP, disgusted by TDP's anti-people ways, they set his car on fire in the midnight on Wednesday. Koteswara Rao filed a report about the incident at the police station of Patamata in Vijayawada.

Why such envy?: Parthasarathy
YSRCP's official spokesman, K.Parthasarathy, commented that safety and security were questionable in the capital city. He slammed the TDP leaders who were performing physical assaults out of vengeance. He questioned why TDP leaders should be so envious, when leaders were quitting the party to join YSRCP, despite the fact that TDP had failed in governance.

Condemning the incident where Nidamanuru Sarpanch Kotewara Rao's car had been set on fire, he spoke to the media on Thursday at the police station of Patamata. He ridiculed Chandrababu who had bragged about building an international-level capital, for failing in protecting proper security in it. He also expressed concern about the lack of protection for people of backward sections in the state. He mentioned that the Government's atrocities would no more be tolerated and declared that the leaders and the members of the party being run with the ideals of the great leader Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy would not be scared of attacks like this.

My life is in danger: Sarpanch of Nidamanuru
Koteswara Rao, the Sarpanch of Nidamanuru village of Gannavaram constituency, stated that his life was in danger due to TDP leaders. He reported at the police station of Patamata about the car parked in front of his house being set on fire. Speaking to the media on this occasion, he mentioned that they were shocked on seeing the car being set ablaze and hid in the house for some time. He mentioned that by the time he came out with the help of neighbours and family members, the car was totally burnt. Saying that he was luckily not attacked, he specified that there was high probability that he could be attacked some day. Mentioning that having worked as a contract employee at a bank, he had become the Sarpanch to serve the village and had quit TDP to join YSRCP, keeping in view the development of the village, he condemned the vengeful attitude being shown by TDP towards him. He requested the police to offer him protection.   
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