Mistakes blamed on Authorities

Cruel game with lives of women

Pressure on Police to protect TDP men

Chandrababu responded after four days

Chandrababu blames officers

Plot to spare convicts

Chandrababu Naidu’s comments on Call Money Sex scandal are quite funny. The ruling party men were red handedly caught in this scandal and it was very clear that they were involved in this. But Chandrababu Naidu, being in a responsible position to protect the women is trying to defend his men. Chandrababu may be forgotten that the TDP’s cruel act was exposed by the Police.

To escape from the blunder mistake, Chandrababu pushed the blame on the authorities. In a meeting with the Collectors at Vijayawada, Chandrababu asked the authorities to be alert as there will be lot of surveillance on the Capital. He blamed the authorities that they failed in identifying the call money sex scandal well ahead and said that the vigilance team has failed in doing so. The authorities were shocked when the CM blamed them for the mistakes committed by TDP men.

The CM spoke that the image of the capital will be destroyed with these scandals and suggested the officers to file ‘Nirbhaya’ cases on all those who have committed this cruel act. But, Chandrababu seems to have lack of sincerity. The public unions, women’s union and opposition parties demanded Chandrababu to instruct the Police to arrest MLA Bode Prasad, MLC Buddha Venkanna & other TDP cunning gang leaders and order for a high level judicial enquiry

This scandal has come into light when a woman victim complained to the Police. The Police have arrested 12 people red handedly. Taking the financial problems of the women as an advantage the ruling party leaders have given amount on high interests. In the veil of the finance business these leaders forced the women into prostitution and harassed the women sexually. They black mailed the women by shooting videos and forced the women to bring beautiful girls thus dragging young students into prostitution.

The corruptive actions of TDP are coming into light one after the other, with this scandal the TDP is red handedly booked. The higher authorities, TDP MLA’s & Ministers also started pressing the Government to take action. The public is expressing their anger as the Government is trying to spare the convicts somehow. With the mounting pressure on him, Chandrababu at last, after four days responded to the situation. It is quite unfortunate that he blamed the authorities on this matter.

Several leaders and authorities expressed that the crime and corruption is increasing only because Chandrababu Naidu was trying to protect his party men. The public unions, opposition parties and higher officers enraged that there is no security for the lives of people with several corruption and increasing crime rate in the state. The sand mafia, adulterated ghee, adulterated liquor, call money sex scandal….like this several corruptions are happening in the State.

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