Minister Ravela’s son is in the news, not in a good way

Hyderabad: Minister Ravela Kishore Babu, who usually engages himself in blaming the opposition parties and reciting morals in the assembly, fell into controversy because of his son. There have been accusations regarding his misbehavior towards a woman under drunkenness. A police complaint has been filed against Ravela Susheel in Banjara Hills police station pertaining to this.

 A drunken Susheel created chaos, driving his car on the roads of Banjara Hills. Intoxicated by alcohol, he misbehaved with a woman along with his driver Apparao. People in the vicinity immediately reacted to this and severely beat Susheel and Apparao. The victim, her relatives and the people nearby also reported to the media regarding the incident. Some of them identified the car and reported to the police, who then seized the car. The victim who is a teacher was walking by herself on the road, when a car with two people in it pulled over. The persons in the vehicle then pulled her by her hand and compelled her to get in. The witnesses testified that the persons who misbehaved with her were Ravela Kishore Babu’s son Ravela Susheel and his driver Apparao. They mentioned that the car had a sticker that read ‘MLA’.

The victim and her family members demanded justice. They were concerned about the indifference shown by the police regarding her complaint. They stated that the persons were soon released. They specified to the media that it was none other than the minister’s son who went on to misbehave with the victim.

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