Maoists warning to Naidu:

Maoists open letter to AP government

Hukum to take action on culprits of sex racket

Anger on Naidu for protecting the TDP leaders

Warning to kill the accused in People's court

Vijayawada: Maoists fired on the actions of AP government and Naidu's regime of making the people of the State to suffer. Based on this, the Maoist wrote an open letter to the AP government where in they mentioned in the letter, that government is supporting the call money culprits. If proper action is not taken by the government, on the culprits of Call money, they would be killed in the Peoples court warned the Maoists.

Maoists stated that the government and police are immersed and trying to protect the accused. The Maoists fired on the TDP leaders for taking advantage of women who were economically very poor and could not effort for the high interest rates and harassing them to forceful prostitution.  The Maoists raised an alarm on the actions and attitude of Naidu in protecting the TDP MLAs and MLCs.

Maoists claimed that Naidu's regime is only trying to suppress the call money sex racket atrocity. They also mentioned that it is a high drama of Naidu while treating the Anganwadi women and moving them out of roles, whoever participated in the program of Chalo Vijayawada demanding the increase in salaries. It is only to divert the attention of people from call money and sex racket, state Maoists in their letter.

Maos called the women groups, political parties to fight against the call money and sex racket until the culprits are punished. It's recently known that the Maoists called for band in Visakhapatnam against the Bauxite mining and demanded the dissolution of the Government order on it.

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