Let Us Hit Back The Assaults And The Atrocities

  • Benefits of the state
    mortgaged to Modi and KCR
  • Conspiring politics
    against the opposition with corrupt money
  • Corrupt rule ignoring
  • YSRCP is the party
    that fights relentlessly on behalf of people
  • TDP’s attack on YS
    Jagan’s personality should be hit back: YSRCP leaders

Vijayawada: YSRCP MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy complained that
Chandrababu had mortgaged the befits of the state for his selfish benefit.
Speaking during the general body meeting of the party in Vijayawada, he commented
that Chandrababu had been pleading PM Modi at Delhi and Telangana CM KCR at
Hyderabad, after having been caught in Note for Vote scam. Peddireddy
criticised Chandrababu’s ignorance towards the people who had voted for him and
attempts to rob as much as he could.

Peddireddy criticised
that TDP had looted hundreds of crores of rupees in the name of worthless Pattiseema
scheme. He reminded that Chandrababu had practiced corruption of worth Rs.1.5
lakh crore in the last two years. He called for all the leaders to expose the
corruption of Chandrababu’s Government and the false allegations it was making
on opposition YSRCP at village level. He also called for making Gadapagadapaku
YSR programme a success, simultaneously registering memberships at all places.

No fear for hurdles in
this journey: Bhumana Karunakar Reddy

YSRCP’s general
secretary Bhumana karunakar Reddy stated that YSRCP had been the party that had
been fighting on behalf of people fearlessl;y and relentlessly in spite of all
the tactics shown by Chandrababu to weaken it. He called for condemnation of
TDP’s verbal assault towards the YS family. He spoke on the occasion of general
body meeting at Vijayawada.

Bhumana acclaimed YS
Rajasekhar Reddy as the leader who had brought the Congress Party back to fame
through his pada yatra. He reminded how people were impressed by YSR’s welfare schemes
and development in spite of TDP trying to defame him. Now again TDP was trying
in vain to defame YS Jagan, stated Bhumana. He remarked that YSRCP had not come
to power because it could not make false promises like TDP and confided that
the support and affection of the people were always with YSRCP.

What has happened to the 600 promises?

Bhumana remarked that
not even one of the 600 promises made by TDP in its manifesto had been kept. He
made it clear that YSRCP was not against Amaravathi but was only against the
land mafia going on there. He confronted Babu about the waiver of DWCRA women’s
loans. Bhumana complained that Babu had opened new belt shops over not keeping
his promises of shutting down the existing ones. He explained that YSRCP would
cooperate of Babu came forward with the real intention of bringing about
development in the state.

Struggles and
agitations are our weapons

Bhumana remarked that
agitations, movements and struggles were the weapons of YSRCP in the next
elections. He stated that the motive of YSRCP was realization of ideals and
aspirations of YSR but not getting power and authority. He confided that the
party would bravely go forward in spite of any troubles ad hurdles. Bhumana
opined that the party was a no loss with the quitting of a handful of leaders
and stated that YS Jagan was their strength and asset. He explained that it was
the duty of everyone in the party to protect this asset of theirs. So he called
for hitting back the attacks being made by TDP on the leader in the form of
negative publicity. He mentioned that the degradation of defectors was evident
from their criticism towards YS Jagan after being sold for money.

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