Let Chandrababu Undergo CBI Inquiry If He Is Rich In Character

  • Mysoora Reddy's statements are ridiculous
  • Defection out of selfishness but blame on the party
  • Mysoora's drama because of release of book on Chandrababu
  • Purchase of MLA at the cost of the state's development: Peddireddy

  • New Delhi: State General Secretary of YSR Congress party and MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy slammed Mysoora Reddy for his statements about the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan. He criticised that as soon as the book about Chandrababu's corruption had been released in New Delhi, Mysoora Reddy was tactfully made to write his letter. He commented that Mysoora Reddy, not attending the party office since 6 months, had been making phone calls to encourage YSRCP MLAs to join TDP.

    Peddireddy spoke to the media in New Delhi. He stated that Mysoora's commenting about YS Jagan's greed for money was ridiculous. He remarked that the repeated inter-party migration performed by Mysoora Reddy was due to his own greed for money. Peddireddy revealed that the secret behind Mysoora's current party defection was the assurance given by Chandrababu to him regarding mining leases and bank guarantee for his cement company. He condemned Mysoora's statement that YS Jagan had not supported Rayalaseema parirakshana movement. He reminded how YSRCP had fought multiple times in the assembly and outside against Chandrababu's indifference towards Rayalaseema and dedication of the whole time to Amaravathi.

    Peddireddy acclaimed YS Jagan for his respect towards elders and his habit of consulting with them before taking a decision. He stated that it would have been better if Mysoora talked as per his age. He suggested Mysoora to stop showing lame excuses to cover up his selfish defection. He questioned Mysoora if he had not been aware of YS Jagan, his father or his family when he joined YSRCP 4 years earlier. 

    Peddireddy questioned Chandrababu what benefits he could bring for the state, being in alliance with BJP. He specified that the latter was unsuccessful in bringing funds for Polavaram or funds to overcome the deficit budget of the state. He criticised Babu for misusing Rs.1700 crore Polavaram funds for Pattiseema. Peddireddy questioned if Chandrababu or the finance minister had come to Delhi to submit the correct accounts the central Government had asked for. He demanded to know if anybody had tried to ask the centre for funds. He criticised Babu's boasting about his plans of earning a brand image for the state and making it no.1.

    Peddireddy complained that Chandrababu was benefiting his benamis and allies with the name of capital city just like he had done in the case of Hitech City. He challenged Chandrababu to undergo CBI enquiry and prove himself if he had good character.

    Peddireddy reminded how Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy had ordered CBI enquiry on himself upon facing accusations during his tenure. He questioned Chandrababu what was in his mind about the state, given his dedication of time to only Amaravathi and his indifference towards the people's real problems and the development of the state.
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