At Least 1.5 Hours Should Be Allotted To The Opposition

AP assembly: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, appealed that at ;east 1.5 hours should be given to the opposition parties to speak about the governor's speech.

Speaking in the assembly after the resume of the session, he mentioned that YSRCP MLAs, Srikanth Reddy and Ramachandra Reddy had approached the speaker at the time of adjournment to ask for more time to be allotted and mentioned that one member from the opposition would speak as zero hour was not very important today and stated that it was unjust to not accept the appeal.
Remarking that it was not acceptable to YSRCP, the way Chandrababu's replies went on for hours and time was not being allotted to the opposition, YS Jagan said that if CM was to be given exception from the rules, then the leader of opposition also should be.

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