Learn the terms - Yanamala:

Hyderabad: The YSRCP MLA Sujaya Krishna Rangarao expressed that it is unfortunate to see the way the Andhra Pradesh Assembly is executed and it is atrocious to note that Roja has been suspended. Sujaya Krishna Rangarao fired on the government, in relation to the way Roja is suspended. To protest agains the call money sex racket and suspension of Roja, the YSRCP boycotted the session of the assembly. Speaking on the occasion, the party leader, sujaya krishna Rangarao rebuked fire on the government stating that they are misusing the power as per their wish.


Further, he stated that call money and sex racket is majorly related to the victims of Dalit woman and should be clearly explained to the government and its leader Roja wanted to get this issue to the notice and that's the reason she spoke in the Assembly. Out of fear and guilty the government has illegally suspended Roja and it would be better if Yanamala Ramakrishna could make himself aware of the terms counselled the leader.  

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