Kasapuram welcomes Sharmila with flowers

Anantapuram, Nov 8,
2012: People of Kasapuram in Anantapuram district welcomed Sharmila with
flowers when her Maro Praja Prrashanam entered the village today.

Sharmila, who is doing
the Padayatra on behalf of her brother and YSR Congress President Y. S. Jagan
Mohan Reddy, unveiled a statue of YSR erected by the locals in the village.

Addressing the
villagers, Sharmila lambasted the Government for its anti-people decisions and
asked the villagers to teach a fitting lesson to the Congress and TDP at the
appropriate time. Sharmila thanked the people of Anantapuram district for
showering their love and affection on her during her 17-day Maro Praja
Prasthanam in the district.

Sharmila’s Padayatra
later entered into Kurnool district at
Maddikera in the Patti Konda assembly constituency.

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