Jagan will fulfill YSR dreams: Sharmila

Idupulapaya (YSR Kadapa
dist), Feb 3,  2014: Affirming that the dream of YSR’s welfare state would be
fulfilled only by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Sharmila has brushed aside the allegations
that the Party is not sincere on its stand of a united state.

“Some of the people who are
leveling such baseless allegations are seen with Congress which is instrumental
in the division process or with BJP that is supporting the division while our
Party has been unequivocally taken the stand of a united state and is going
ahead with the same agenda.

The dreams of YSR could be
fulfilled only by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who has the same vision and the welfare
state in which farmers, students, women, old people minorities and all others
sections would be happy will be brought in by the heir of YSR,” Sharmila said
at the second Plenary after her brother was unanimously elected President of
the Party.

I am a missile in his
arsenal and will fulfill whatever task is given to me and he is a leader of the
hour who can translate the dreams of YSR into reality.

He knows that he is taking
head-on the country’s most powerful family but he never compromised and boldly
fought the battle. They have harassed him and the family, foisted false cases
and put him in jail with the help of investigative agencies, but he remained
undeterred and waged the war.

Biggies in Delhi thought
that he would break, but he disappointed them as his resolve to take forward
the fight was strengthened and with the support of the people the Party could
cross all the hurdles.

The State was orphaned with
the death of YSR but God has given an able leader in the form of YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy to serve the people. During my padayatra, I understood that it was not
just our family that was affected with the death of our father but there were
many people outside who felt orphaned with YSR’s death.

“Jagan wants to bring in
credibility and reliability into politics and clean up the system and the
coming elections are crucial. You have to reject our adversaries who have money
power and muscle power but they lack people’s power which we have in abundance.

The elections will change
the course of the state politics and the two parties, Congress and TDP should
be shown their place. I have seen in the faces of the people during my
padayatra not only the ray of hope for a better future but also the impending
victory of YSRCP,” she said.

YSR who brought Congress to
power in the State and Centre twice had launched welfare schemes to benefit all
sections of people but after his death they were diluted or done away with.
People are eager to see the golden era of YSR back and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is
the person who can deliver as he has concern for poor and downtrodden, she said.

It is Sonia Gandhi who
wants to divide the state and Krian Kumar Reddy has been helping her and N
Chandrababu Naidu has given a letter accepting the division. It is only YSRCP
that has been working for a united state and people are aware as to who is on
which side and they will give a mandate to vouch for the performance of any
party, she said adding that detractors like Sabbam Hari and Raghurama Raju have
double standards.

A section of press has been
consistently targeting the family and has been putting out stories which lack
credibility and reason. They have been targeting me and my uncle YV Subba
Reddy. It is a known fact that my brother has asked us contest for Lok Sabha
and there is no need to attribute motives, she said.

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