Jagan elected YRCLP leader

(YSR Kadapa dist), May 21, 2014: Sending a stern warning that YSR Congress would
continue its struggle for the welfare of the people and will closely monitor
the election promises made by TDP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the day is not
far away when people will look towards us and redefine the difference between
politics of credibility and politics of conspiracy and deceit.  

the Party MPs and MLAs after being unanimously elected leader of the YSRC
Legislature Party here on Tuesday, he said: “Though there was a small set-back,
we are never lagging behind. Despite the TDP tie-up with BJP and Modi wave, the
difference between the victory and defeat is just over five lakh votes working
out to 1.9% which is wafer thin and this could happen as my heart did not
permit to give false promises like Chandrababu Naidu.  

Had I
done that, the roles would have been reversed, but that would be a short term
gain. As days progress and the promises fail to translate into action,
resentment grows and people will be up in arms against you and the Party that
takes up the reins with such false promises cannot win even a double digit
seats for Lok Sabha,” he said.  

We will
be continuously monitoring the implementation of TDP poll promises, or the lack
of it, and will raise the issue in the Assembly and outside and work as a
responsible opposition party, he said.  

Sending a
strong signal to TDP against poaching, he said, the Party started off with one
MP and one MLA and went up to two and twenty. When Congress and TDP jointly
conspired, foisted false cases and put me in jail, TDP and its friendly media
had spread canards that the party is finished and will fold up. The two MPs and
20 MLAs were solidly behind us and did not desert the party but have
strengthened it and today we are 9 MPs and 70 MLAs, he said and thanked the
party leaders for reposing faith in him and electing leader of the legislature

the past four years we have seen politics of conspiracy, opportunism and CBI
being used to settle political scores. It was only Jagan Mohan Reddy and his
Party that was with the people all the years, be it on the dharna during crop
holiday, fees reimbursement, weavers or when 6000 huts were gutted in East
Godavari district, neither Chandrababu Naidu nor Congress leaders were seen

We will
continue to be with the people and take up their issues more vigoursly and
monitor how the poll promises of TDP would be implemented at ground level, he
said. Besides
Chandrababu Naidu, we have to fight his friendly media as well which is always
dolling out slanted and slanderous stories.  

They made
a big issue out of my meeting Narender Modi. I met him to give a memorandum on
the sops the Seemandhra should get and with proposals like increasing the
special status limit to 15 years, share of power, coal and other such issues,
but a section of media has been giving distorted and distasteful versions, he

He also
recalled the days following YSR death, how MLAs had extended support to him and
even while leaving the party how some loyalists wanted to follow him and also
the caution by some that going against the ruling would be an uphill task.  

“We have
overcome all that and we are now prepared for another struggle and we will
fight it with unity and bring in value based politics,” he said.

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