Impact of Chandra Babu's Foreign trip

The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu's foreign trip is becoming
controversial. He is roaming foreign countries in every 2,3 months. This
time he went on a trip to Turkey.

the time he came into power in 2014 he became fond of foreign
countries. He started touring Asian countries saying that he will create
the new State Capital 'Amaravati' with the help of foreign companies.
There is a rumor out there that no chief minister has ever made so many
trips in 15 months. He is making trips to China, Japan, Singapore and
now to Turkey and also making frequent visits to Singapore. Allegations
are made on his trips with Government expenses.

farmer problems in Kharif season are numerous. Because of failure in
implementing 'Loan Waiver' the farmer has not cleared bank loans and the
banks were not willing to give anymore crop loans so the farmer was
forced to approach money lenders. This situation is pushing the farmer
into deep financial crisis. The Krishna & Godavari delta's are in
dangerous situation with Chandra Babu's negligence. The farm lands were
turning into barren lands but there is no action and response from the
Government. The Government is not speaking strongly on the injustice
happening to Rayalaseema because of its political interests in
Telangana. Totally, the Chief Minister who is supposed to take concern
of these is acting negligent.

attacks and molestation on women in the state were increasing day by
day. When MLA Chintamaneni carried out attack on Mahila Tahesildar
Vanajakshi, the Chief Minister suppressed the matter by threatening her.
The yellow mafia is also threatening her that they will kill her.
Keeping this aside, now, information is coming out that Revolver License
is ready to give for  Chintamaneni. The women employees were worried on
giving Revolver License to Chintamaneni who was a rowdy sheeter with
more than 38 police cases.

fevers were on rise in Krishna and Guntur districts, many villages are
 getting affected with this. Setting up Medical Camps and distributing
Medicines in these areas was being neglected. The Government Authorities
were completely indulged in Ranking, totally ignoring the basic needs
of people.

were coming up that when the state was suffering with so many issues,
Chandra Babu has been comfortably going on foreign trips.

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