Illegal Quarrying Will Not Be Tolerated

  • Farmers' deeksha against illegal quarrying
  • 12 farmers succumb to fall in pits
  • Agitation for 3 days in Suddapalli
  • YS Jagan's support to farmers' fight
  • YS Jagan slams the Government's behaviour
Guntur: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, extended solidarity to the deeksha staged by farmers of Suddapalli against the illegal quarrying of ruling party leaders in their area. The deeksha had been going on for three days when YS Jagan visited the farmers on Friday and expressed his support to them. He held a face-to-face discussion with them on this occasion and learnt about their problems. Farmers complained to him that the illegal quarrying of mud from the lakes of the village was resulting in scarcity of water and withering of crops.

YS Jagan expressed concern about 12 farmers and three children who had succumbed to death by falling into pits dug in the lakes and slammed the negligence shown by the Government towards the issue. Criticising the Government for protecting those who were quarrying instead of the general public and for paying for the lost lives with money. He cautioned that a fierce agitation would be held if this did not stop and expressed support to the farmers' fight on behalf of YSRCP.
Children's dying could not move them: Sujatha
"Children are dying due to quarrying in the lakes. Where can we go? Our crop fields do not have water. We have no water to drink. Water level is going down due to digging pits in the lakes. Twelve people died by falling in the pits. The police are supporting the digging being done.
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