I Shall Reveal Dark Secrets About Babu Soon

  • My life is threatened by Chandrababu
  • Chandrababu has used me in need
  • I will reveal all secrets soon
  • Matthaiah, the accused in Note for Vote case speaks
New Delhi: Jerusalem Matthaiah, one of those accused in the controversial Note for Vote case, mentioned that he had threat to his life from AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, the primary accused person in the case. He clearly stated that if something happened to his life or his family members' lives, Chandrababu was to be held responsible. He also added that Telangana CM KCR also would be responsible for any harm caused to him. He appealed to the Human Rights Commission for protection to his life.
Matthaiah indicated that he was falsely accused as A4 in the Note for Vote case, in spite of his innocence in the matter. He opined that Chandrababu's true colours would be out in this case. He blamed Babu for exploiting him when needed. He stated that Babu had assured him complete support at that time, but later left him to suffer. He expressed agony regarding the negligence of AP lawyers and police towards him. He complained that TDP and TRS were conspiring to picture him as a culprit and that Chandrababu and KCR together made him a victim. He said that he was an innocent Dalit Christian and he was unjustly being pulled into the case. He made sensational statements that he would expose the true colours of the people involved in the case very soon in front of the court of law.
Chandrababu was caught red-handedly in Note for Vote case,  buying MLAs during Telangana MLC elections. He slaughtered democracy, being in the crucial position of the CM of a state. Scared of imprisonment, Chandrababu entered into a secret agreement with KCR. Hence, in spite of having the right to stay in Hyderabd for 10 more years, he hastily moved the capital city to Amaravathi, himself moving to Vijayawada. Although Babu's name was mentioned 24 times in the charge sheet, he faced no inquiry. TDP and TRS together are trying their best to water down the case.
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