I Shall Never Be Tempted By Enticement

  • People immersed in problems under the rule of TDP
  • Babu is roaming around countries neglecting the promises he had made
  • Hundreds of crores of rupees being wasted
  • Corrupt money spent for buying MLAs 
  • Development of the state possible only through YS Jagan: Janke
  • Prakasam (Darsi): YSRCP MLA of Markapuram constituency in Prakasam district Janke Venkata Reddy stated that he was not a person to be tempted by crores of rupees. He confided that if the state had to prosper or the farmer had to flourish, the leader of opposition and YSRCP president Y S Jagan had to become the CM of the state. He spoke as the chief guest at the prabha, part of traditional fair organised at Anjaneya Swamy Temple of rajampalli by Kunchepalli YSRCP of Podili Mandal. Later Venkata Reddy attended the Prabha it Lakshminarayanapuram of Darsi Mandal along with ex MLA Buchepalli Sivaprasad Reddy.

    Venkatreddy expressed his concern by saying that after Chandrababu had come into power started the scarcity of drinking water in villages and loss of employment. He slammed Chandrababu sidetracking the funds that should have been handed over to MLAs for the development of their constituencies, there by making it impossible for them to even take care of digging borewells. He criticised that Chandrababu was wasting hundreds of crores of rupees by roaming around in flight and forgetting all about the election time promises. He commented that Chandrababu was spending his corrupt money for buying MLAs of opposition parties.

    Venkata Reddy remarked that the CM had done nothing but simply visit Veligonda project. He explained that the farmers were at agony because of drought, the villages faced a serious problem of scarcity of drinking water, the youth were suffering due to unemployment and the people below the poverty line repented about their voting for Chandrababu.

    Venkata Reddy stated that being a young leader Buchepalli Siva Prasad Reddy was always concerned about the welfare of the people and suggested that the people stayed supportive of leaders like him. Venkata Reddy opined that a rule as prosperous as under Dr.YS Rajasekhara Reddy would come back only if YS Jagan became the CM.

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