I Am Not Against Polavaram Project: YS Jagan

  • Do justice to expatriates
  • Let us form a committee on behalf of the assembly
  • YS Jagan offers his suggestions to the Government

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan made it
clear that YSR Congress Party was not against Polavaram Project. He mentioned
that the expatriates of Polavaram project were not receiving proper
compensation. During the question hour, he made suggestions to the Government
regarding formation of a committee.

YS Jagan informed the house that the compensation being given at present
to the expatriates was not reaching them. He also explained that the rehabilitation
work was not going on all right in the area. He made it clear that neither he
nor the members of YSRCP were against Polavaram project. He suggested that it
was unfair to build the project at the expense of the well-being of the
expatriates. They were not getting the R&R compensation, revealed YS Jagan.
He stated that hunger strikes and protests were continuosly being held at
Polavaram area. YS Jagan suggested that a committee was formed with MLAs and
sent to Polavaram for examination. Whether R&R package was being available to
them would thus be known, suggested YS Jagan.

He mentioned that there were clear guidelines about how compensation
should be given to the expatriates of the project area. Steps like providing
residences and agricultural lands and funding the weddings of girls were
included in the package guidelines. YS Jagan specified that none of them were
actually being practised. He brought to the notice of the assembly that
atrocities were being committed in order to force the local villagers to
migrate. Drinking water and provision of electricity were being cut down and doctors
were not being allowed into those villages. Protests and hunger strikes had
been happening in that area since two months, explained YS Jagan.

YS Jagan reminded that Rs.20 lakh compensation had been given right away
per acre during Pattiseema project's work. He suggested that rightful compensation
should be given in this case too. He remarked that compensation would not even
be 2-3% of the total project’s expenditure. Then it would not exceed the
estimated expenditure, explained YS Jagan. He stated that people in the area
had not taken the previously-sanctioned package. So compensation should be
allocated according to new law.

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