How Much Bribe Did Babu Receive To Do This?

  • Babu’s drama to cheat
  • Double entendre – gaming
    with people
  • Why is pipeline needed
    if there is no pollution?
  • YS Jagan face-to-face
    discussion with aqua foods victims
  • Condemn towards the
    Government’s behaviour

West Godavari: The leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan toured in West Godavari district today
and met the victims of Mega Aqua Foods Park intended to be constructed in
Bhimavaram area. He held a face-to-ace discussion with them and slammed the
construction of the factory against the interest of the people.

YS Jagan was greeted
with warmth by the people and the leaders of YSRCP as soon as he reached
Betapudi. He assured solidarity to the fight of the farmers and the fishermen
of the area against the setting up of the industry there.


Face-to-face discussion
with the victims


YS Jagan

You will be given the
mic. Give your message to Chandrababu.

Airavathi Avva (Jiraipalem)

The project should be
removed from here. If the factory comes, the crops will not grow. Our only
canal, Gontheru, will be polluted. I am afraid the toxic waste from the factory
will be left into the canal. No fish will grow in lakes. We do not want the
company here at any cost.

YS Jagan

They bought lands with
deceit. They bought them saying aquaculture lakes would be set up. Did our
panchayats declare they do not want the project? How many acres are affected?

Veera Venkata Satyavani (Betapudi village)

I sold 1.5 acres. They
bought the lands saying it was for aquaculture lakes. No factory was mentioned.
Our signatures were forced. We have been fighting for 2 years. After our 3
villages started to fight, 50 more villages joined us. We gave a unanimous
resolution to the collector against the setting up of the factory but our
opinions were not taken. The collector told us it was a Government project.
Where can we go from our village? What gives Babu the right to run pipeline
from our lands? If crops do not grow, will he bring them from Singapore?

YS Jagan

It is unjust for the
collector to sidetrack people from the truth. I inquired what would happen if
the pipelines run through the crop fields leaked. It is better to move the
factory to shore area. It should not be in residential area.

Satyanarayana (Tundurru TDP MPTC)

The project should not
be constructed. We stood by the side of the people and fought against the
ruling party. We will continue to do that. TDP leaders compelled us to step
back. We went around all politicians pleading in favour people’s interest. CPM
and YSRCP stood in our support. YSRCP leaders assured us that they would report
the situation to YS Jagan and look for a solution to the problem. He came to
our support as promised. We thank him on behalf of all victim villages.

YS Jagan

Even TDP leaders are
expressing condemn towards Babu’s behaviour. In spite of the factory being a
private company’s it was kept secret and it projected as the Government’s.  Is it true that attempt to murder cases were
filed against the people who resisted the factory?


Bind over cases and
attempt to murder cases were filed. I have been fighting for 2.5 years. The
Government and the factory’s management are staying indifferent to our

YS Jagan

It is absolutely
atrocious to book such cases against the people resisting the factory’s
construction. I met Satyavathi in central jail. The pain undergone by the
victims is inexplicable.


My husband’s name is
Mahesh. He was taken away forty days ago for speaking against the setting up of
the factory. After he was imprisoned, I find it hard to live alone, bringing up
two children. We do not want the factory. Ask them to set it up elsewhere.

YS Jagan

Seven people are being
harassed with imprisonment for resisting the factory without chance of bail.
Others are being threatened about meeting the same fate. In spite of people
explaining that the factory will lead to pollution of tha canal, the Government
is not caring for it, besides imprisoning innocent people by imposing false
cases. We can imagine how many toxic chemicals will come out of a factory that
purifies 3000 tons of prawns and fish every day.

Why is babu installing
pipeline for a private factory? How much bribe did Babu receive to do this?
What is the reason behind Babu’s pretense?


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