How long is this Evil rule ..!

Srikakulam: YSRCP leader Dharmana Krishnadas bruised in anger on Chandrababu saying that, how long would Babu want to continue his Evil rule? He mentioned that people are not at all interested by his rule. He also commented that Babu is not in a situation to realize what he is talking and doing. While the YSRCP President, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is motivating people from nook and corners of the State and even in Delhi, for special status, Babu is opposing the revolt which is a shameless deed indeed, said Dharmana. While the Oppostion leader has taken such responsibility of fighting for the special status, instead of supporting him, you are preventing it Babu, which is a worst situation, commented Dharmana.

Krishna das questioned Chandrababu:

Have you not participated in any strike in the past? He said that Babu doesn't believe in democracy, opposition party and leadership.  He commented that every act of government is with frauds. Dharmana mentioned that the present government has given zero preference to the much advantageous project of Polavaram a side and brought the Pattiseema project  which doesn't have any proper benefits. Babu - you reveal the benefits of yours and Kotari in Pattiseema project - demanded Dharmana. Krishna Das warned the government that People are looking at the rule and one day they will teach a right lesson, said Krishnadas. Naidu has to pay price for stopping the Deeksha - commented krhana das.  

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