How Can TDP Celebrate While The Farmers Are At Loss?

  • Babu is enjoying after
    deceiving people
  • Which villages has
    Babu waived loans in?
  • Chandrababu is
    responsible for deterioration of Mudragada’s health
  • Demolishing minority
    people’s houses is unjust
  • People will teach Babu
    a lesson
  • Cycles and artificial
    limbs provided to the handicapped by MP Subbareddy

Prakasam (Ongole): YSRCP’s MP of Ongole
constituency YV Subbareddy commented that Chandrababu had given false promises
to the people of the state at the time of elections and had been continuing to
do the same even after coming to power. He remarked that it was shameful of the
Government to celebrate while farmers were committing suicide due to mounted
loans. He mentioned that the Government was calling it phases 1,2,3 and 4 in
spite of not waiving any of the loans. He demanded to know in which villages
loans had been totally waived. YV Subbareddy distributed artificial limbs and
cycles to the handicapped at Ongole. On this occasion, he spoke to the media.

He mentioned that the
waiver given by Babu did not even equal to a quarter of the interest on the
farmers’ loans. He stated that people had been observing how Babu was bluffing
them and would teach him a lesson when time came.

YV Subbareddy
questioned why Chandrababu who had promised to keep all the promises done to
Kapu community when Mudragada had staged deeksha for the first time, was now
hesitating. He blamed Chandrababu for deterioration of Mudragada’s health and
for the building up of tension in people. He mentioned that the Government
should care for the leader’s health at least now and accept his demands to
implement the promises made to the community.

YV Subbareddy confided
that YSRCP would win the 12 assembly seats of Prakasam district in the upcoming
elections. He mentioned that their unity would achieve the goal. He opined that
Ramayapatnam port’s development would in turn lead to the development of
Prakasam district. Subbareddy revealed that he had already met the PM twice
regarding this issue and that he had responded on a positive note.

Subbareddy slammed the
demolition of minority people’s houses in Ongole. He questioned why they had
not been shown alternative source of shelter. He condemned making them homeless
in the holy month of Ramzan.

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