HC questions CBI's biased probe


CBI’s biased investigation into the Vanpic (Vadarevu and Nizampatnam Port &
Industrial Corridor) case has been exposed with the High Court questioning the
way the case is being investigated by the agency.

the bail petition of Nimmagadda Prasad, accused in the case, came up for
hearing on Thursday, CBI lawyer P. Keshava Rao fumbled in his arguments. The
CBI counsel had no answer when questioned by Justice Govindarajulu as to why
any official of the UAE emirate Ras Al Khaima (RAK) was not included in the
charge sheet.

have only named Nimmagadda Prasad as the accused and why not the RAK officials
when the emirate was originally party to it?” Justice Govindarajulu questioned.

judge posed this question when the CBI counsel said that the original RAK share
of 51 per cent in the VANPIC was reduced to 26.5 per cent after Navayuga was
made a partner and the entire deal was kept secret.

knowing the answer, CBI counsel fumbled to reply but later on tried to make
correction saying that notices were issued to RAK.

judge then asked as to where was the necessity of issuing notices to RAK when
all documentary evidence was with it. “Your investigation seems to be biased as
you are aiming at only one person,” the judge remarked.

the CBI Counsel said the investigation is at a final stage, Justice
Varadarajulu asked: “You always say investigation is in final stage whenever
bail petition of any one comes up for hearing. Please tell me which part of
investigation is not yet complete in the case.”

on Sept 21,2012)

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