Harassing the victim, leaving the guilty!

Violence on farmer to accept

Harassment since three days in station

Guntur: The brutality of the yellow government has no limits. The government is taking revenge on the farmer Gadde Chandrasekhar of Tulluru Mandal who did not give land for Amaravati capital construction. They not only burnt his five acre sugarcane farm but locked him in police station since three days and harassing him. The opposition parties are furious on the police & government for this inhumane act of revenge.

The police & the government are trying to prove that the victim was himself a guilty person. From three days they locked him in station and treating him brutally to accept that he himself set fire to his farm. Instead of tracking down the guilty people the police are trying to force Chandrasekhar. This is a barbaric act. The opposition party chief YS Jagan recently visited Malkapuram and observed the burnt farm of Gadde Chandrasekhar. Harassing the farmer started when Y.S.Jagan left.

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