The Government Has To Bow In Shame

  • Babu is all lies and deception
  • People backstabbed with ignorance of promises
  • There is no CM worse than him
  • Not a little help to farmers
  • Flood victims should be rescued at least now
  • YS Jagan's tour in flooded areas
Guntur: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan criticised that Chandrababu was not bothering about the difficulties of farmers and people in villages. He slammed Babu for taking flights leaving people to suffer. He reminded how Babu had backstabbed his father-in-law NT Ramarao for power and added that he had now backstabbed people to get into power, with his poll promises. He toured in flooded areas and stood supportive of victims of the natural disaster.
Caring the least about pouring rain, he met and consoled victims in Reddygudem. People reported to him that neither rulers nor officials had come to their rescue. Speaking on this occasion, YS Jagan stated that it was unfortunate that the Government had not offered a rupee as assistance to the flood victims. He criticised Chandrababu for not entering villages.
YS Jagan stated that an amount of Rs.120 crore was due as input subsidy from the Government to farmers of Guntur district alone. While the centre paid Rs.463 crore of the total Rs.1000 crore, Babu had misused it for something else, he complained. Calling Babu a man of lies, YS Jagan questioned if he had any love for the farmers. After announcing that agricultural and DWCRA loans would be unconditionally waived, he had backed off upon coming to power, YS Jagan commented.

He mentioned how women were mortgaging their nuptial chains in order to get loans, as a result of Babu's deception. Recollecting how TDP's poll promises had said that babu should come to power for mortgaged gold to come back home, he criticised that Babu was watching the show as banks were auctioning the mortgaged gold. He condemned Chandrababu's instructing banks to not offer loans to farmers, over not waiving their old loans. He exclaimed that there was no CM in India, worse than Chandrababu.

YS Jagan stated that the farmers were in deteriorated state of mind after having seen their crops withering due to lack of rainfall till the end of August and now drowning in floods, after giving a little temporary hope. He mentioned that cotton, rice and chilly were sown in lakhs of acres only to be destroyed by the calamity. Rice in houses got wet. Thirty computers in schools were drenched in the water. But Babu was least concerned about all this, while roaming in his helicopters, YS Jagan remarked. He made it clear that YSRCP would stay supportive of all the farmers and victims of flood till they received proper assistance.

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