Goddess Durga's curse will crush TDP government

Vijayawada: The Telugu Desam Government will crumble under the weight of the anger of Goddess Durga for the sacrilege committed in the name of midnight Tantrik pooja. 
YSRCP leaders Vellampalli Srinivas and Malladi Vishnu demanded a complehensive probe into the incident. They demanded that the Government release the cctv footage of the tantric pooja.
The YSRCP said that the whole drama was being directed from the chief Minister’s office and added that TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna was directly involved in the affair. The YSRCP leaders said that the whole drama was being enacted to make Lokesh Babu chief minister of the state.
 They demanded that Chandrababu Naidu own up the moral responsibility for the whole drama and resign from the post of the chief minister. The YSRCP leaders called upon the priests to condemn the tantric poojas inside the temple. They reminded that the crown of Mother Goddess was stolen during the last term of the TDP.

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