First phase of Paramarsayatra ended in Karimnagar ..!

YS Sharmila .. heartfelt greeting!

Work towards Rajanna dreams..!

Karimnagar: The late chief minister,  YS. Rajasekhar Reddy's daughter, YSRCP president  YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's sister, Sharmila ended her first phase of Parmarsa yatra in Karinnagar district. To console the family members of those who died in shock of the premature death of their beloved leader Raja Sekhar Reddy, Sharmila took part in the Paramarsa Yatra extensively in Karimnagar. People welcomed Sharmila with greetings. She consoled and moved forward whole heartedly

People respond positively ..!

With the Paramarsa Yatra,  there was full energy filled in the YSRCP party division. Party leaders, activists, fans perfect welcome to Sharmila. People received her with greetings.

As a part of the yatra, she hoisted YSRCP flags at various places of the district. She unveiled the statues of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Road show was held in Jagityala. People felt happy by seeing Rajanna's daughter Sharmila.

Strive towards Rajanna Rule 

The first phase of Paramarsayatra is done in six constituencies, covering around 371 km in Karimnagar. She assured the victims that support will be provided. Sharmila mentioned that, he will be in the hearts of people till the Telugu lasts. Sharmila motivated the people to come forward and work together to make the dreams of Rajanna true and get the Rajanna rule again. Sharmila was struck by the sight of the poor who do not have houses to live. Ys. If the public welfare schemes andevani Sharmila Reddy said. RAJANNA again expressed confidence that the Kingdom will come soon. If Rajasekhar Reddy was there, people would have successfully got all the schemes.  She expressed her confidence that shortly, Rajanna kingdom will be coming for sure.

 Next phase of Paramarsa yatra starts in October ..! 

The YSRCP Leader Siva kumar said that from October 1st the next phase of Yatra will begin. He announced that a total of 18 families were consoled by Sharmila in the three day yatra. On October 3rd Paramarsayatra will begin in Adilabad district. From 3rd to 5th, Sharmila will visit 10 families and console them. On 5th evening, she will start her yatra in Nizamabad district.  Till now Sharmila consoled 169 families and finished yatra in 4 districts said Sivakumar. 

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