Filing cases on small fish, sparing bigger ones..?

Hyderabad: The
YSRCP MLA Uppaleti Kalpana demanded the government not to spare anyone
who is involved in call money sex scandal case. She fired that sparing
the big guys of the ruling party  and cases were being filed on small
leaders. She said that whoever was involved in the scandal has to be
punished irrespective of whatever party they belong to. Kalpana said
that responding to the call given by opposition parties and women’s
unions the victim women have come forward very bravely and declaring
that they were the victims of this cruel scandal. She requested the
Commissioner of Police to provide security to those women as there are
chances of attacks on those victims.

MLA said that this scandal which has propagated across the State and
the Country will be treated as the main issue and will be discussed in
Assembly Sessions. She said that the Ruling party which attempted to
send the CP on leave so that the case can be debilitated and the TDP men
can be spared has changed its mind when the opposition party pressed on
the matter. Kalpana demanded that this scandal has to be investigated
by SIT. She demanded that the convicts who not only dragged the innocent
women into forced prostitution but also grabbed their properties and
tortured the victims mentally and physically should be punished very

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