Fight For Special Status Continues

Vijayawada: YSRCP has announced consolidation of
struggle for special status of Andhra Pradesh state in light of the centre’s
declaring that the special status would not be given.

YSRCP’s official representative Jogi
Ramesh slammed CM Chandrababu Naidu and cabinet minister Venkaiah Naidu for
backstabbing the people of the state in this issue. He proclaimed that the
party was ready to fight in New Delhi for attaining the special status. He
expressed his agony regarding the state’s having an incompetent Chief Minister.
He demanded Chandrababu to respond at least now, given the announcement of the
cabinet minister that sanctioning the status was not going to be possible. He
commented that Chandrababu had to come out of alliance with the central
Government if he had any commitment towards the AP. Jogi Ramesh exclaimed that
Chandrababu should keep aside his political prostitution that he ran in
Vijayawada through party defection business and fight for special status. 

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