Fight Against Corrupt and Atrocious Rule

  • Complete failure in facing drought
  • Enticement of MLAs with corrupt money
  • Babu mocks democracy
  • YSRCP protests against the Government’s
  • YS Jagan attends the protests at
    Macharla: Botsa

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana complained that Chandrababu’s
Government had completely failed in facing the drought problem in the state. He
informed that protests would be held on Monday (the 2nd of May) throughout
the state against the Government’s behaviour. He mentioned that the leader of
AP opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan would participate in the protest at
Macharla of Guntur district.

criticised that Chandrababu’s Government lacked commitment towards attaining
special status for the state of AP. He demanded for national level discussion to
happen about the situation in the state. He condemned Babu’s ridiculing the
democratic system by buying the MLAs elected by the people with corrupt money.

stated that the veteran political leaders at Delhi were astonished upon hearing
Babu’s corruption story and purchase of MLAs. He stated that everybody was
looking forward to see a debate happen at national level regarding this. Botsa
remarked that it was shameful of Chandrababu to behave like this. He reminded
how YS Jagan had made the MLAs who wanted to join YSRCP resign and face
elections. He confided that people would soon teach Babu a lesson.

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