Farmers’ Families Assured By the People’s Leader

  • Second day of YS Jagan’s Rythu Bharosa Yatra
  • Four families comforted on the first day
  • Three more families to be comforted today
  • Farmers and women reveal their problems to the people’s leader
  • TDP’s deceptive rule condemned

Ananthapuram: It is the second day of Rythu Bharosa
Yatra launched by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan in Anathapuram.
The people’s leader is continuing to talk to the farmers burdened with mounted
debts and assure them of his support. Women and farmers are meeting him and narrating
their problems to him, with reference to the deception they had been facing in
the form of TDP rule. The first day of the yatra at Pedavadaguru was filled
with people’s participation. People of Tadiparthi constituency came in huge
number to meet their favourite leader.

Women came along at all the villages where the yatra had taken place,
along with Pedavaduguru. The villagers, particularly the youth took part in the
event with high excitement. District president Sankar Narayana, state general secretary
Anantha Venkatrami Reddy, MLA Y.Visweswar Reddy, former MLAs Kapu Ramachandra
Reddy, B.Gurunatha Reddy and constituency coordinators VR Ramireddy, Ramesh
Reddy, Y.Venkatrami Reddy and disciplinary committee member Erriswamy Reddy accompanied
YS Jagan in his yatra.

YS Jagan held a face-to-face discussion with farmers and DWCRA
women at the racha banda of Pedavaduguru over their problems. They explained to
the people’s leader how they had been deceived by Babu’s fake promises. They
declared that they would not vote for Chandrababu’s Government again. YS Jagan,
then, paid homage to YS Rajasekhar Reddy by decorating his statue with flower
garlands. He then reached Chinavaduguru to console the bereaved family of Naga
Sanjeevaiah, a farmer who had committed suicide. Later he reached Dimmagudi
village. There he received grand welcome with flowers showered and trumpets

There he condoled the family of farmer Nagarjuna Reddy, another
farmer who had committed suicide. Then YS Jagan reached Kandlaguduru and
greeted wverybody including the aged, the farmers and the women. Later, he reached
Chintalacheruvu, where he again received grand welcome. In this village, he
consoled the families of Venkata Narayana Reddy and Jagadeeswara Reddy. Then he
set out to Teliki. Even at late hour of 9pm, people including the farmers, the
women and the aged waited for YS Jagan and he greeted them with affection.

YS Jagan then reached Medimakulapalli and stayed at the
residence of ZPTC member Chidambara Reddy for the night.

Participating in the first day of the tour were coordinators of
the constituency and leaders Tippeswamy, Aluru Sambasiva Reddy, topudurthi
Prakash Reddy, Kethireddy Peddareddy, Chavva Rajasekhar Reddy, VR Venkateswara
Reddy, Alamuru Srinivasa Reddy, Boya Suseelamma, Guvvala Srikanth Reddy,
Meesala Ranganna, Nadeem Ahmed, Korrapadu Hussain Peera, Jayaram Nayak,
Ravindranath Reddy and Vighneswara Reddy among others.

Details of today’s tour

YS Jagan’s tour on the second day started from Medimakulapalli
village of  Peddavadaguru mandal. He is
scheduled to reach Kishtipadu via Lakshumpalli, Muppalagutthi, Burnakunta and
Kadaraguttapalli to console the family of Nagaraju, a handloom worker who had
committed suicide. Then he is to reach Nagaruru via Rayalacheruvu to console
Kodandaramudu and Ramasubbareddy.

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