Everyone Has To Extend Solidarity To AP Bandh

  • TDP and BJP are playing group politics
  • Babu is hindering special status
  • TDP's corruption should be extensively probed: Goutham Reddy and Udaya Bhanu
Vijayawada: YSRCP leaders Goutham Reddy and Samineni Udaya Bhanu commented that BJP and TDP were playing group politics to hinder the state of AP from getting special status. Speaking in a media conference held at Vijayawada, they slammed Chandrababu for nurturing corruption in the state. Here is what they spoke.
  • Chandrababu is promoting corruption in the state. He crosses his own promises.
  • Chandrababu has been lying in the matter of special status from the beginning.
  • YS Jagan was the first person to speak up regarding special status. He held a protest at Delhi. He also led various movements within the state including hunger strikes.
  • BJP and TDP together are gaming in special status's regard.
  • YS Jagan called for AP state bandh to resist the pretense of central and state Governments.
  • Labour, students, women and people's organisations have extend their support for the bandh. We also request movie, RTC, transport and educational institutions to lend their supporting hand.
  • Babu is speaking against the condcuction of bandh, But he instructed to shut down everything at teh time of Krishna pushkarams. Is it not harthal?
  • Babu used to call for bandh every now and then while in opposition, But he is not supporting it when others want to do it.
  • AP bandh is not something specific to YSRCP. It is for the future of the people of the state.
  • We will conduct the bandh in a democratic manner.
  • Babu has to change his ways.
  • People have the responsibility to make the bandh a success.BJP is not sanctioning special status due to Chandrababu's stating that it is not any wonder drug.
  • Babu is pretending to us instead of bringing pressure on the centre.
  • People are observing the behaviour of Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh in the parliament.
  • It is clear that Chandrababu is against special status.
  • Himachal Pradesh developed after special status was given to it. Hence they are asking for extension ofthe status for 5 years.
  • AP has to be granted special status as mentioned in the reorganisation act.
  • While the centre is mentioning that Rs.1,90,000 crore has been sanctioned to the state, Chandrababu is confusing the people by saying only Rs.2000 crore was granted.
  • We demand to know the amount of funds given by the centre to the state. The state Government has to release a white paper regarding this.
  • TDP leaders are busy robbing money by starting pushkaram's arrangements late.
  • All departments of the state Government are filled with corruption including 'Neeru-Chettu" scheme.
  • It is heard that Babu has instructed the Government officials to ignore the corruption of the ruling party leaders.
  • The state will develop only if special status is given. We demand immediate sanction of special status to AP. 
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