Ethical Victory is YSRCP’s

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader
of opposition YS Jagan opined that MLAs of YSR Congress Party had ethically won
in the assembly. He chit chatted with the media after the budget bill had been unfairly
won by the Government in the assembly.

YS Jagan stated that YSRCP had requested
for division voting on appropriation bill. He remarked that the Government had
unfairly used public deposits. He specified that Rs.22,000 crore of public
deposits had been diverted. According to FRBM, more than 3% of GSDP could not
be taken. In spite of RBI and centre’s regulations being very clear, the state
Government had exceeded the set limits, complained YS Jagan. He added that this
was why YSRCP had requested for division voting.

YS Jagan reminded that accounts for 2014-15
financial year had not been shown. He also stated that the accounts of matters
like loan waiver, pension and housing were faulty. That was why voting was
requested, he said.

YS Jagan stated that it was
unconstitutional and unfair for the speaker to not accept the request for
division voting. He complained that the speaker had not cared even when he had
read out the rules. YS Jagan explained this as a desperate act to protect the
MLAs bought with corrupt money.

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