Eruvaka Only For Photo-Op

Hyderabad, June 20: Pooh-poohing
the Eruvaka programme of Chandrababu Naidu, YSR Congress has said the TDP
government should first categorically state when water would be given to the
farmers instead of putting up such a show.

‘Erukavaka by Chandrababu Naidu
is ridiculous as he has described agriculture as a wasteful activity. It is
being carried out as a photo opportunity and the government lacks sincerity,
‘party spokesperson K Pardhasarathi told reporters here on Monday.

On many occasions, Chandrababu
Naidu’s anti-farmers policies came to the fore. Instead of making a show by
carrying out Eruvaka, Chandrababu Naidu should tell the farmers when the water
will be released, how much quantity of seeds would be released and when and
when the loans would be waived, he said.

Farmers have been pushed into a
debt trap due to the faulty policies of the government and the Eruvaka with the
Chief Minister in a new avatar would only serve as a photo opportunity, he
said. Though khariff season has begun, the irrigation development meetings were
not convened and no plan has been finalized which shows the intention of the
state, he said.

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