Does Babu Dare To Fight?

  • Babu’s benami contracts Telangana projects
  • Minister Devineni’s cheap comments
  • CBI probe is required on Babu’s unlawful activities
  • NTR Trust Bhavan changed as TDP office
  • We are not involved in Telangana’s projects: Peddireddy
    Ramachandra Reddy
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP senior leader Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy
    complained that Chandrababu had compromised with KCR for helping with smooth
    running of Telangana projects. He spoke in response to the allegations made by
    AP irrigation minister Devineni Uma on YSRCP leaders. Speaking to the media at
    YSRCP’s central office, he mentioned that it was unfair of Devineni to pass negative
    comments against the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan who had
    launched strike in view of protecting AP which was facing huge loss due to
    Telangana projects. He remarked that it was obvious who was mortgaging the
    state’s benefits for their selfish political gain. He suggested to Devineni Uma
    to consider reality before passing comments.

    TDP people dominate the project

    Palamuru-Rangareddy project being built by Telangana had been
    contracted by predominantly TDP people, stated Peddireddy. He condemned
    Devineni’s statement that YS Jagan had helped YSRCP leaders Mithun Reddy and
    Srinivas Reddy earn the contracts. He revealed that one of Babu’s closest
    allies, financer and Navayuga contractor

    Navayuga Contract 

    The owner has become the contractor for Telangana’s
    Palamuru-Rangareddy project. Due to shortage of certain qualifications, 20% JV (Joint
    Venture) has been given to the owner of Navayuga contract. Srinivasa Reddy also
    was given 20%. Peddireddy cautioned Devineni Uma to set his knowledge right
    before doing allegations. He informed that MP Mithun Reddy had placed tender
    for only Pranahitha-Chevella project in Telangana and that the work of that
    project was still going on. He mentioned that they had been contracting road
    construction work in Kuppam constituency of Chandrababu and 3 packages of
    Handri-Neeva project and questioned if this would mean they had compromised
    with Chandrababu or Chandrababu had compromised with YS Jagan. He suggested the
    minister to think if the politicians in the state were contractors or not.

    Ruling party has not woken up till the launch of the strike

    Peddireddy commented that Chandrababu’s Government had not woken
    up until YS Jagan came forward and launched Jala Deeksha. He slammed Devineni
    for criticising YS Jagan instead of confronting Telangana Government and
    irrigation minister regarding the projects taken up. He explained that apex
    meeting would be conducted at national level on projects in the presence of the
    CMs and ministers of both the states and questioned why Chandrababu had not
    posed objection in front of the apex committee. He suggested that Chandrababu,
    after being caught in Note for Vote case with Telangana-nominated MLA
    Stephenson, had compromise with KCR and questioned why else would Chandrababu
    be able to escape from attending the court even after chargesheet had been
    filed against him as principal accused person.

    Peddireddy also questioned why KCR had not held inquiry against
    Babu for taking permission from the Government for the set up of NTR trust
    Bhavan and later using it as TDP office and for cases involving Nizam sugar
    factory, Allwyn company and IMG. He complained that Chandrababu had mortgaged
    the state’s benefit to KCR for political gain. Peddireddy mentioned that they
    had been spending their income from businesses on politics unlike TDP leaders
    who had been spending public money. He dared Chandrababu to fight against TRS
    Government if he had any pinch of commitment towards the state, to protect the
    rights of the people of AP.

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