Dera Babas in TDP

Vijayawada: YSR Congress Party  official spokesperson Jogi Ramesh on Saturday Compared Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders to convicted Dera chief Baba Ram Rahim Singh.

Speaking to the media in Vijayawada, Jogi Ramesh said that the TDP leaders planned to visit each house to highlight the achievement of their government. "Dera Babas in the guise of TDP leaders to visit every house and cheat the public again," he said.

He said the TDP did not fulfill any of its poll promise nor achieve anything worthwhile since it assumed office over three-and-half years ago. He cautioned the TDP leaders that they will be thrashed by the people who are angry over unfulfilled promises. 

There are no job opportunities for the youth, the farm loans were not waived off nor loans are given to DWACRA women, he said. "The TDP leaders will face the ire of the people if they visit each house to highlight the achievements of the Telugu Desam," he said.
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