Deeksha, publicity stunt

Hyderabad, June 2: Ridiculing the seven-day Nava Nirmana Deeksha of TDP government, YSR Congress has said that there is nothing to cheer about during the past three years but only the sufferings of the poor had escalated while the corruption levels at the higher echelons had swelled which is a matter disgrace.

 ‘The seven-day deeksha to the run-up for the formation day is a joke as there is nothing to boast about in terms of achievements and there are serious charges against the Chandrababu Naidu, his son and cabinet colleagues while not a single poll promise has been kept,’ party MLA RK Roja told reporters here on Friday.

 The event has become a publicity stunt and an exercise for self promotion as no section of the people is happy with the governance and each one is disappointed with the failure of implementing election promises. During the past three years the government has taken many anti-people policies.

 Though the ally has signaled of dumping it why the TDP is going ahead with the Deeksha is not known. BJP cadre had openly vent its feelings of being at the losing end with the alliance shows the equation Chadnarbabu Naidu has with the Centre, she said.

 The government has institutionalized corruption right from sand to land acquisition for capital area as everything is laden with scams and Chandrababu should swear by God that there is no corruption in his governance. He asking the people to cooperate to set up a corruption free state is a joke, she said.

 He has been misusing public money for self promotion and on such meaningless deekshas, she said.

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