Consider Central panel report on capital: Tammineni

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has demanded the TDP Government to review its decision on the capital formation and consider the Sivaramakrishnan Report to avoid regional imbalances. 

“We are not against the capital formation in any particular region but the way the State is going forward setting aside the report submitted by an expert like Sivaramakrishnan for political and commercial propositions is objectionable as 30,000 acres of fertile land is being taken away from the farmers,” party spokesperson Tammineni Seetaram told reporters here Monday. 

The Committee was appointed by the Centre after adopting the State Reorganisation Bill which clearly has given guidelines for the capital formation, without creating any regional imbalances but the TDP government has set-up a Committee headed by minister Narayana and has rushed through the process. 

Though it is the prerogative of the Chief Minister to appoint any committee, the credentials of Narayana vis-à-vis Sivaramakrishnan are questionable. “It is not too late 
and the State should consider the Committee Report and try to make amends to its decision as farmers will be losing their fertile land while the arid regions of north coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema will further be pushed into backwardness. 

There are reports that skyscrapers are being planned in the proposed capital and in that case where is the need for 30,000 acres of fertile land unless it is a commercial venture. 

While all suspense is going on, it is a pity that the State has not released the master plan of the capital city which further leads to apprehensions,” he said. Instead of addressing the immediate issues, the State is hovering on a long-term issue ignoring the State interests, he said. 

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